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Why Fire Your Congressman?

Most congressional districts are so gerrymandered that there is no real contest in the general election, and our representation is decided only in the primary. This is why it is so important to have good choices in the primaries.  However, both the DNC and the RNC actively obstruct challengers by inhibiting fundraising and withholding voter lists, personnel and data. This results in protected incumbents that easily win re-election, regardless of job performance. We invite you to donate against your or any other congressman.

Turning the Tables

In the past, political fundraising has been used to support specific candidates only after the candidate has decided to run. But this creates a chicken-and-egg problem for would-be candidates who are not independently wealthy: it is expensive to launch a campaign, and difficult to raise money for a campaign that doesn't already have momentum. Fire Your Congressman PAC allows donors to contribute against a candidate, even before a challenger has come forward. Having a ready pool of support reduces the financial barrier that would-be challengers face, allowing more "regular people" to run for office.

Donate anonymously*

Donations through this site go to the Fire Your Congressman PAC non-contribution account, with amounts up to $200 per year remaining completely anonymous*

Donations above $200, with no maximum, show as a donation to Fire Your Congressman PAC but with no indication as to whom you donated against. Corporations, labor organizations, individuals and other political action committees may participate. https://www.fec.gov/help-candidates-and-committees/taking-receipts-pac/contributions-to-super-pacs-and-hybrid-pacs/

The 2010 Citizen's United Supreme Court ruling allows for unlimited and anonymous* political donations through non-profits, like Fire Your Congressman PAC's independent (non-contribution) spending account and 501C4 organizations. Since inception, this loophole has served to raise money for candidates, and has been used primarily to protect incumbents.  But now you can use the Citizen's United ruling to Fire Your Congressman. Corporations and individuals can support this cause with a donation to our sister organization, The National Coalition for Congressional Accountability (LINK HERE) with unlimited anonymous* donations.

*Fire Your Congressman PAC is not required to report names of donors whose contributions do not exceed $200 per year. While a maximum of $50 can be nameless, Fire Your Congressman PAC must track all donors in the event that a future contribution exceeds the yearly $200 cap.

Contributions Support Challengers Across The Nation