How Fire Your Congressman PAC works

Donation pools

Donations create pools of money for each race, as indicated by the donor.  These donation pools will support challengers either directly, through donations to their campaigns, or indirectly through advertising and research for the district.

Donors can also contribute to the General Fund that will help fire congressmen throughout the US, based on the Priority Algorithm. 

Priority Algorithm

With the General Fund pool, Fire Your Congressman uses a proprietary, non-partisan algorithm that considers multiple  factors to prioritize which candidates to FIRE first, challenging Republicans and Democrats alike. Factors include, but are not limited to: poor attendance, low numbers of bills sponsored and co-sponsored, avoidance of panel service, lengthy tenure duration, and involvement in scandals.  To view our Priority Algorithm, please click here.

Challenger Support

Challengers can find fund raising particularly difficult, because potential donors are concerned about losing favor with their incumbant representative if they publicly donate to an opponent. Fire Your Congressman PAC will allow donors to maintain their relationship with incumbents, while making undisclosed donations against them, and allows donors to easily contribute against any incumbent, in any race. 

Hybrid Spending

Indirect spending: Also known as non-contribution spending (funds not used in direct coordination with a specific candidate or committee) can be used to scout for challengers, generate voter data, and advertise against an incumbent.

Direct spending: Once challengers are identified and approved for funding, FYC will support challengers directly by bundling donations through this site. This function will become operational soon, so check back to find individual challenger candidates. You can read more about hybrid PACs here:

Contribution Rules

Federal election law requires political committees to use best efforts to report the name, mailing address, occupation, and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 during an election cycle. Federal law prohibits contributions to the committee from the general treasury funds of a corporation, labor organizations or national banks (including corporate or other business entity credit cards), from any person contributing another's funds, from a Federal government contractor, or from a foreign national who lacks permanent resident status. Contributions are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes.

Federal Election Commission Rules

National Coalition for Congressional Accountability

PACs can't do it all. Although donors to FYC PAC will not have their names connected to any specific incumbent or race, donations to any PAC totaling over $200/year are reported, per federal regulations. For donors who want to contribute more than $200 to support challengers while remaining completely anonymous, donations can be made to the National Coalition for Congressional Accountability. This 501C4 organization will provide scouting, vetting, candidate training, and ongoing policy education for successful challengers once in office. Click here to visit the NCCA website.

Contributions Support Challengers Across The Nation