Executive Summary

Fire Your Congressman (FYC) provides voters with the ability to unseat congressional incumbents and elect qualified challengers. Both the DNC and the RNC actively obstruct challengers by inhibiting fundraising, withholding voter lists, personnel and data. This results in protected incumbents that easily win re-election, regardless of job performance. 

Donations to FYC PAC will help provide needed resources to challengers. Through online and conventional fundraising, donations fund a hybrid PAC that uses direct expenditures to support candidate campaigns, indirect expenditures to soften targets and The National Coalition for Congressional Accountability (NCCA) to identify, train, support and defend challengers, all while raising the standard of candidates.

With FYC PAC, there is finally a method to donate directly against an incumbent. FYC PAC receives online donations on its website where donors find incumbents to directly donate against. These donations create pools of funds that are used to support challengers in their respective districts. Donors may also opt to contribute to the general fund, which will be used toward unseating all incumbents with low performance ratings. 

The duopoly of the American political system has contributed to the toxic environment in which we all now suffer. FYC seeks the opportunity to gain the public trust, and become a vehicle outside of the duopoly to cleanly deliver national campaign support to Independents, Democrats and Republicans alike. The 2016 election cycle clearly illustrated the untrustworthiness of both major parties to properly vet, groom and deliver qualified candidates. Upon raising the first $7M, FYC PAC will be able to begin supporting a viable challenger in every primary, giving voters real choices on the ballot.

With FYC PAC and NCCA, you can now keep your access and FIRE them too. For the first time, a corporation or individual can maintain access to Congress through conventional donations to their respective incumbents, while simultaneously and anonymously* donating unlimited funds in an effort to remove that incumbent. 

Please explore the FYC website, and know that donations up to $200 per year remain anonymous*, and donations above $200 per year show as a donation to FYC PAC, but with no detail as to whom you donated in opposition.

*Fire Your Congressman PAC is not required to report names of donors whose contributions do not exceed $200 per year. While a maximum of $50 can be nameless, Fire Your Congressman PAC must track all donors in the event that a future contribution exceeds the yearly $200 cap.

Contributions Support Challengers Across The Nation