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Norbert Ricter, Founder of Fire your Congressmen PAC, calls in to discuss targeting sitting congressmen and congresswomen for electoral defeat. 

Norbert Richter talks Founding of Fire Your Congressman PAC

Norbert Richter, Founder, Fire Your Congressman PAC joins Rick to share his thoughts on how it is that congress is so wildly unpopular yet incumbency has never been more protective and discuss what needs to be done to restore competition to our democracy....


The Fire Your Congressman PAC wants to get rid of ...

A new campaign political action committee aims to get ineffective incumbents out of office in the 2018 midterm elections and beyond. Fire Your Congressman is a nonpartisan campaign fundraising organization that wants to help elect new candidates that normally wouldn't have a chance against powerful ...

Gainesville-based Super PAC aims to shake up politics ...

Gainesville resident Norbert Richter considered running against incumbent Ted Yoho to represent Florida’s 3rd Congressional District in 2016, but he never filed. Yoho, who this year will run for his fourth term in office, had deep pockets. He had party backing. Name recognition. Donors. For a ...

Free market term limits breakthrough

Serial entrepreneur Norbert Richter claims no relation to the inventor of the Richter Scale, but if his breakthrough idea is successful, he’ll be causing political tremors for decades. Richter has...


Want to throw the bums out of Congress? This engineer has come up with a plan - The Boston Globe

Americans despise Congress, yet most incumbents are routinely returned to office. A new political action committee aims to do something about that.


This PAC wants to fire your congressman, regardless of party

Fire Your Congressman PAC seeks to oust Republican and Democratic incumbents


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